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Didn't got Promoted to Top Seller Even though all the criteria are completed

So I have completed all the criteria that is required to get the Top Seller batch
Earning $20000+ earning
Response rate 98%
Order Completion rate 94%
On time Delivery 100%
Rating 5 star
Selling Seniority more than 180 days
Order completed more than 100
Days Without Warnings 30+

I worked so hard for past 7-8 months to reach that level and when it was the time for my account evaluation, my account didn’t got the Top seller Batch even though I met all the Criteria of fiverr which they have mentioned themselves on their analytics page.

And when I raised a ticket about why I didn’t got promoted, Here’s what the replied
"Bear in mind that promotion to that level is not automatic like for levels 1 and 2.

Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Our editors look at many different factors when choosing Top Rated Sellers, including seniority, volume of sales, exceptional customer care and community leadership, among other criteria.

Our editors look for highly original sellers who have a high volume of sales; provide unique and high quality services; are extremely professional in delivery and communication with buyers; and present their Gigs well, including by using high quality images and videos. To check if your Gigs are original, you can run a quick search on"

If the top seller is choose by the fiverr itself then why they didn’t mentioned it anywhere on their analytics page?
And what is the criteria to judge that. And does that mean I not a original seller?
My gig’s are well presented, even every buyer of mine gave me 5 star rating even I have buyers who have taken the service from me more than 10 times.
And I did a search for the other top Rated seller to see what their professional gigs look like. And there was no difference even they are selling the same service thrice the price of mine. And you gave them Top Rated Seller batch.

And that isn’t the point why it is not mentioned anywhere? Am I stupid who’s been doing so much hard work even I managed to fulfil all these criteria in just 7-8 months.
This is pure fraud with sellers.

Fiverr just try to motivate their sellers at first by showing all these on their Analytics page and when they work hard to achieve this, this is what the do.

This is really not fair. Even their support services are worst now. They take ages to give a reply.



It’s not fraud.

You won’t get a TRS status unless Fiverr believes your work is great. Bashing them on the forum won’t help your cause.

I was TRS for 5 years after losing it due to health issues one month. Honestly there’s no real difference, aside from the fact that you get your money faster. But if you have a constant flux of orders, you won’t even feel any difference. Other than that, faster customer support replies and a few other perks that you may never use.

So I would recommend you focus on improving your work quality, the TRS status will come in time.


If you type “why not promoted to TRS” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may find interesting.


They do mention it. if you press on your badge on your profile you will see it.
DOn’t get mad at fiverr if you didn’t read what they are writing :wink:

But on a separate note: it is a great achievement to reach this level over 7 months and you should be proud of yourself as opposed to being disappointed. It should be YOU that motivates you and not fiverr levels.


Some people go years meeting all the criteria but not getting TRS. For me it was around 3 or 4 months I think before I got it. Just keep doing good work!


Doesn’t it say something like “Achieve these goals to be nominated for Top Rated Seller” when you’re currently on level 2? Whereas on levels below level 2 it says “Achieve these goals to become a level x Seller”.


If my work quality was bad then I won’t be getting 5 star from every client. Also I’m 24/7 active on Fiverr. There are many sellers who doesn’t even reach that point because of their services.
In my case everything is good even my clients 5-6 month old clients still take services from me.

And I know it won’t get any help but I want the others to see the Truth about them

I got demoted from TRS and now I am level 2. I had the requirements for becoming a TRS back again since the month I got demoted, but most likely I will never be a TRS again. I made peace with that.

Aside from bragging rights and a faster withdrawal time for your money, you won’t have any benefit.

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This might be why it takes so long for Customer Service to respond to legitimate questions and concerns. Information about how TRS works is in several places on the site.

I didn’t get TRS status for several months after reaching all the requirements. It’s a manual process and nothing to get upset about. To be honest, my workload didn’t suddently explode after getting that badge or anything. Relax and just keep providing quality services.


Some people never get TRS … or wait for years, by which time they’re like “who cares?!”

… and there are a number of TRSs who find the whole manual review every month incredibly stressful.

The manual process for TRS isn’t a check box exercise as far as I can gather. They’re looking through your inbox, order pages, how well you convert, what happens when you get rotated out … and a great many other secret things that we mere sellers cannot imagine.

It’s also possible they have too many TRSs in your category.


from inbox messages I wonder? I sure hope not. I treat all inbox messages as rude, pushy, and potentially scammy until proven innocent. I have a hard time trusting anyone who inboxes me first since my stalking experience :frowning:


That’s what you mean. If anyone is demoted from a TRS. Later, no matter how good his service is, he will never get a batch of TRS again

I have a question . I wants to know what is fiverr chose and how to get it.