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Didn't know it's wrong to ask help from another seller to outsource her job for me, I was warned by fiverr

I sent a message to her and I asked politely if she could outsource her work, Since I noticed she has much at hand. I told her,I will do the job for free.

I didn’t know it’s against Fiverr’s Term of service.
I often thought asking the buyers directly is wrong.
Honestly, I don’t like going against rules. :weary:


Haha! did you get any warning from fiver? :smiley:

Yes I did, she should have replied back and just say No!:weary:

It’s clear from the terms of service that you are not allowed to contact any seller/buyer unless you want to buy something.

You just sent spam, and that person reported you.

I receive this type of messages every week, sometimes even daily. I clearly say I don’t outsource on my gig page, but people still message me trying to make me outsource. Some of them even insist quite a bit.

Read the rules and don’t contact other people here, you got off easily. You can get banned if you repeat it.


Of course, I will not!

And how would it help you to do someone else’s work for free?


you broke a major rule sister

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Basically, to get familiar with how work is done here…that’s all, but it’s of no use again.

You do realize you can work on samples for yourself right?

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