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Didn't Received Whole Amount

Hi Everybody,
Today I completed 1 order and the buyer gave me tip. But it seems I didn’t received the expected amount. The amount cut is more than 20%.
Is there anybody have the same problem or share your experience.


Fiverr take a 20% cut from your gig and tips.

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The order was of $25 I received $16 from it and from $5 tip received $4.
$24 total should I receive but received $20…

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Are you sure, that you’ve got 16$ from 25? Check it again. And remember - your order cost and tips goes like 2 separated parts, in your “Earnings” you will see it like 2 different parts. And again - check everything, because you had to get 20 from your 25$ order. Everything is ok with tips part - you get 4$ from 5$ (20% Fee)


Maybe the client used a discount code. But you should contact Fiverr support because, even if a discount code was used, support will give you back what’s missing from what I read.

Edit: note that 16 is 25 x 0.8 x 0.8, in other words, 20% on top of 20%, which matches Fiverr’s discount. Personally, I find stealing from sellers subtly and without their consent to be a really bad dirty move. You could just trust the plataform and never realize you were stole.

You should check in the “Earnings” section, I think it’s just a visual glitch, you’ll probably see $16 for the delivery and about $4 for the tip. If not then you should contact Fiverr support. Good Luck :))

I checked its separate $16 pending clearance and another separate $4 which was tip

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20% fee taken by Fiverr to provide you platform for earning.

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@kesharbisht See this

Maybe read the topic before posting.

It happened something similar to me, but I was wrong because:

  1. Paypal took some comission with the withdrawn
  2. I didn´t think about the money changing, my case was Dollar to Euro

Contact customer service If you are sure they are wrong. Good luck!

@marionaadames I didn’t withdrawn.
It is pending clearance and didn’t received whole amount.
And I contacted them