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Didn't see any buyer request

Hello All ,

Greetings of the day !

Its been so long I have created my Fiverr account , but I can’t see buyer request , Mean while the journey I got 12 request on dashboard a day only after that I can’t see any buyer request .

Can anyone suggest me what to do , Please help me out .


On your dashboard open selling there the buyer request

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@ssajidsharifI did , but when I did so I always see a message " No request found " Can you help me with this .

you check only one time buyer request
after it “No request found” you try again if not found then try again in every 10 to 15 min.

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I am trying from morning when its 10 and now its 6 at evening , I keep refreshing it , I deleted my browser cache also .Please help me I am keen to grab projects and I want to start my carrier .

stay online and check buyer request more time not only one time

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I already tried @ssajidsharif ! AS I told you I am trying from morning , can you help me with any other suggestion please .

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I just recharged several times (Thing I had been doing since yesterday in the afternoon) and it seems to be a web problem … I only get 3 requests but points to an anomaly on the web. We will have to keep waiting. It really frustrates a lot.

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I agreed @nannyvainilla . Any suggestions ?

More request will come in US timing but you are refreshing in Indian time.

Can you understand?

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OK @brzee0123 I will keep this in mind and will check and keep refreshing in US timings .

Thanks for your suggestion .

I also don’t get any buyers request. i don’t know what’s the problem?

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Same here @snlbaral , Lets try the above mentioned suggestions !

Hopefully we will get solution.

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Same problem…I barely found once at a day 10 to 15

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I’m facing same issue. i tried many time but didn’t see any buyer request. I’m eagerly waiting for order

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