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Didn't show buyers request on my fiverr

I have made fiverr account few days ago but when I go to buyer request there is no request found. What is it? Anyone who knows please do comment
Thanks in advance

Is your positive rating 100%?

Perhaps there are no new buyer requests for your gig category.

It’s not a good idea to rely on Buyer Requests to be your only source of sales. Branch out. Try advertising and promoting your gig elsewhere on the internet. You can work hard to bring in your own customers and clients too. :wink:

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Create more than 3 Gigs :information_source:

100% Working Tip | See This @djwaruna @deopravu

Create Gigs in Multiple Categories,
Make at least one gig in “Other” Category.

Fiverr shows you buyer Requests of same subCategory in which you work. In which you work means the subcategory of your gigs. And Most of the offers are published from buyers on fiverr are in “Other” Category. So Try To Make at least one gig in “Other” category. I have used the same and have seen 250+ Buyer Requests at same time. Any time I visit buyer requests section, it is filled with it.

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