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Didn't you have order..?

here the most recent reason i heard…

some people doing jobs for low price… so customers think we are doing low quality job… examples- some peoples give logo source file in $5 … at least it must be upper $10…

don’t decrease your talent price…give valuable price for the any work…don’t think customers came to low price…

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@apsaraaruna This discussion is entirely your self-opinion but it is not a fact. In my opinion, every marketplace is versatalized with the variance in prices and that gives options to the buyers to make their choice.

If you charge $10 for logos, what does a buyer get for $5?

Reply to @fonthaunt: They were talking about source file, not a logo. But it is still ridiculous price.

Reply to @ynneblack: I see what you mean, thanks. I assume they give at least a JPG or PNG for $5 then. As to prices, it’s an individual decision. I’ve seen work on Fiverr that wasn’t even worth $1 no matter the format. :wink: I’ve seen some excellent work from other sellers.

Total agree. I’m receiving every day messages for my GIG - Landing/sales page creation:

People want me to create full responsive website with unique web design for 5 USD =) LoL this is really crazy. They want me to spent all day on their project for 5 USD? 5 USD I offer only ready made template, but standard price is 25-60 usd… Same For website banners…So I thing a lot of sellers on Fiverr have similar problems.

Reply to @tipstricks3315: Normal static web site price is upto $100 … but now what…? i saw some pakistan seller give website to $5 (such a idiot) :frowning: soo sad…what’s the value of web developer… so i stopped the create the web site… now i make only graphic design…

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Reply to @fonthaunt: if can every logo designer increase their basic price… what do you think about it…? because after the fiverr and paypal we get only $3.92 only…

Reply to @apsaraaruna: I think it would be silly to raise the base price on a site named Fiverr. You can use another site if you dislike the basic price. Just use the base price to offer something you can do in 15 minutes. For example, offer a B&W concept sketch cheap. If they like it they can pay something more for a finished low to medium resolution PNG. If they want vector source, that can be extra.

You don’t have to lose as much on PayPal either. They cap their fee at a $1, so wait until you have over &50 to cash out. If you withdraw $55 to PP you get $54.

Reply to @tipstricks3315: You don’t have to sell hours of work for $5. Buyers can ask but you can say no. Just make your gig descriptions very clear.

Reply to @apsaraaruna: If it’s not worth it to you to charge a logo price that attracts customers here, sell something else or sell somewhere else.

Reply to @tipstricks3315: Same here. People keep asking for $5 project.

Sellers are human. It’s better to appreciate sellers’ skill with the worth price :wink:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yep, I’m doing like this.

Well this is never-ending story. There will be always some people who will work for free and more or less the quality of such work is not even 0, it is below 0 :).

This makes the life of a freelancer much harder, but once you prove your skills and find clients who appreciate your quality of work, you don’t need to complete with these low prices freelancers.

This is the case with all freelancing platforms not just with Fiverr.

We have proverb here asking if you work for money or for glory :slight_smile: haha

First you work for glory and this is almost for free. When you gain experience and knowledge and become famous with your work, only then you start to work for money.

While this suppose to be a joke, it turns out it is reality, especially in the freelancing world.

I spent 3-4 years to make my reputation on Upwork - (ex oDesk) platform. While it is great place to work, it was very difficult for me to compete with some freelancers who were working for free. My fiverr friend: me4hire, want to say: How they are even paying for their internet connection, working for such low prices? :slight_smile: And she is completely right.

Finally after 4 years I have managed to find great clients that are paying my effort and knowledge properly.

Sooner or later once client has bad experience with such sellers, he will see the difference. Sad thing is that we all learn from our own mistakes.

Sadly but true that there are many sellers out there, who agree to work apx free. They make the competition harder. For me, if buyer pay lower than price i estimated so i will refuse. Because it’s not only my time but also my health.

Yesterday i got a message from a buyer. She wanted a video. Requirement was too many. I will do as both illustrator and animator but she pay only a half of my price, because a top seller here said he will do with that price. I was totally suprised about that. Even my target for future is to become a top seller but i can’t sell my idea/time for that very low price like that :). Not worth.

It’s hard to keep up. Especially when you have buyers questioning your pricing. I charge 20.00 for an upgraded drawing and you’d think I was asking 2000.00 People get so mean too!

I share the same sentiments. Its going to be difficult when you offer quality, but the buyer will have to decide if he or she wants to pay less for a work or more for quality.

fonthaunt said: Just use the base price to offer something you can do in 15 minutes.

This is key! Instead of sellers feeling they have to offer the entire scope of their gig or more for $5 just to compete or for any other reason, it's better to break it down into something they feel is worth doing for $5 and for the time it takes.

If a seller doesn't want to work for the equivalent of $5/hr, for example, then their $5 offering shouldn't be something that takes an hour to complete. They should find a way to break it down even further so it'll fit into a time and pay model they can live with. If it's something that simply can't be broken down that way, don't offer it here.

I use Fiverr exclusively for the kind of work I'm content to do (and have time to do) for this cheap. My business offline is where I take on clients for industry work that has no place on something like Fiverr. I wouldn't even do it to myself lol

It's up to sellers to find the balance that works for them and try to design their gigs around it. Depending on buyers to understand how long something should take or how much it should cost and if the extra money is worth it doesn't work well. Being undercut sucks but it happens for a reason. A lot of people just want to pay less, period.

Good Idea . Agreed !!

pfpgogo: if Fiverr don’t change the “Request modification” function, there’s no way can stop buyer when they want to get more than the money they paid. Even you wrote very clearly in the gig des that for 5$, no modification/or 1-2 modifications, buyer keep trying request modification. If sellers don;t do as they want - negative feedback - It’s not fair at all. Many buyers know this and they try to let us choose between : unlimited modification OR negative feedback .