Didn'y get traffic on gig


in last 24 hours i didn’t get any traffic in my gig.
but last 4 days was awesome for me as beginner _ i was complete 2 order_
but last 24 hour i don’t any any single impression…
where is problem?


Are you promoting your gig to your target customers?


The reason shows up in a big blue box above every forum page.


i don’t do anything just create a gig


That might be your problem. Fiverr does not guarantee sales. You still have to work to make your gig successful. And if this means promoting your gig on your own – to your target customers – then that might be what you need to do.

Don’t sit back and expect Fiverr to make you successful. That’s not how this works.


before last 24 hour everything was right but now i face this problem.
i know i should marketing with my gig but i just wants to know why does this problem?


Thank you for my first face palm moment of the day.


All your gigs are for business cards designs…are all those samples yours or did you grab them off the internet somewhere?


90% sample is my own


90% is not appropriate. 100% of the work you feature should be yours.

Why are you trying to profit off of the work of other designers?


ok i’ll remove others portfolio image…
and what i should do now?


how can i promote my gig??


Figure out WHO your target customers are. Then, figure out WHERE those target customers are located. Once you know these two things, you will know where to promote your gig. After all, your target customers are the only people who will purchase your services and make you successful.

Focus your marketing on the WHO and WHERE of your target customers, and you’ll have everything you need to start promoting. Then, just be creative with HOW you choose to market to the WHO, WHERE they are located.

It’s really not that hard when you stop, study, and analyze – which is something you, as a businessman should be doing anyway, right. :wink:

Everyone’s target customers are different, so there is no one answer that applies to every seller equally. You are a unique service provider. Your marketing plan will be just as unique as you are.