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Did't get a single sell

I have created gig almost before 14 days but didn’t get a success what can i do for that ?

Continue to improve your presentation of your offer
Adjust price to entice those first few sales

There is a positive. You have absolutely no negative reviews. That is very important. Keep it that way.

There is a huge trust factor with giving access to servers. This is going to be a big hurdle until you build a reputation on Fiverr. I would look at opening some addition, simple gigs to help you get started quickly. Some of my best gigs were not developed until after 1 year of working on Fiverr. There’s always a new gig around the corner. You just have to look for it.

Try to advertise on social media, and see if you can get any friends or family to buy a gig or two to start you off. Once you start getting positive reviews the gigs will come at a more steady pace.

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Just putting You effort. You need to work on your gallery … if your representation is good you will get more work. Your response time is 7 hour its too high.

Describe your gig more so your buyer will understand your work. add more sample too.

14 days is no time at all. Have patience.

Work on your English grammar.

In your title consider changing “I will do WordPress Bugs…” to “I will FIX WordPress Bugs…”

On your main Gig pic the word “touhch?!” should instead be “touch?!”

You profile quote is also poor English. “You will Surely Going to Love My WordPress Work” would sound better as “You will Surely Love My WordPress Work” or “You will Love My WordPress Work” OR “You are Surely Going to Love My WordPress Work”



You need to do some work on your sellers page, you have not filled out your profile yet, it is blank.

Also, on your contact form gig is says:
"Please see the requirements then order the gig"
What does that mean - where does someone go read the requirements?

And consider adding real samples to your portfolio. Don’t just show a contact form, show a snapshot of a form you built on a real website. For your other gig, you need to show some examples of real sites you created with themes.

Also, you may want to create a separate gig for your PSD to HTML skill, but if you do that be sure to put some before and afters, show the photoshop file and the site you created from it.

Spend some time researching and reading other sellers gigs and notice how they write things up for each gig, how they write up their profiles, the kinds of photos they use so you can get ideas on how to make your gigs better for marketing.

Same here!
How can I get my 1st sell?

One thing for sure, you have to get your English right first, then communicate in a language buyers understand, there are some words you can use that buyers like to see. Meanwhile you can hire a writer here to help you out with editing your gig.

Secondly, you need to research other gigs in your niche, see the words they use, the kind of images or videos they have, see their description, tags and profile page.

Finally buddy, you have to do promotion, don’t just sit waiting for orders to come, you have to look for them.
Have a great day.

The above tips are to be considered well and also promote your gig through social media

One of your gig description starts with “Hey buyer.”

Sorry, but if I was the buyer, I will click “go back” the moment I read that without
even finishing the whole sentence. You really need to work on your English.

For this gig,

I, personally would remove the image with Fix-it-Felix and replace the image with something else. Possibly, the WordPress logo so it stands out and it is clear what you are offering.

I would also consider these services…

PSD to WordPress
HTML to WordPress

…as seperate gigs.

Reply to @facebookshars: always spend time reading other high rated sellers gigs that are similar to your own to see how they write it up, what kind of photos they use and how to make your gig better.

Also, keep in mind that selling twitter followers is against the rules of twitter, and here on Fiverr, while there are still people selling it, many gigs are getting blocks once Fiverr gets a complaint or sometimes they do not show up in searches anymore.

Here, read the second to last bullet under the spam section…

Reply to @landongrace: I am really appreciate with you reply. Thanks

Reply to @landongrace: Thanks for suggestion another question will multiple gigs increase chances to your sell??