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Die-hard GTA fan huh? You'll love me!


If you happen to be a die-hard GTA fan, no wonder you’ll love me after checking out my gig here

PM me to have a quick chat!


Hi there, you may have some issues
Do you have copyright license to use Grand Theft Auto Logo, Brand and Images in your Fiverr GIG and designs from Rockstar games studio?
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What would you suggest?


If you see a potential problem with gigs then you can report it to customer service. The moderation team is not involved with the Fiverr main site.


Hi subaro665, is that actually you on your profile photo?

Change the logo, make it similar but not exact.

Instead of GTA V, rename it to for example GIG V, as in gig. That could work nicely.


nice reply !
that will work


Wow this never occured to me! Thanks a tonne!
Also, feel free to provide feedback regarding any other drawback in this gig of mine. I’ll really appreciate it


it just a free stock image
have you ever have you ever heard “Free Stock Images” they are free to use


No problems, nice gig by the way. Also, the task will be easier, since you have the G already, so just copy/paste that, and make the T into an I. Cant get any easier, and the effect any better :wink:

Yes, but you surely understand there is some hypocrisy in someone commenting on copyrights whilst at the same time having someone else on his profile photo.




Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Since we are talking about copyright, I have to admit that I cant be sure if RockStar (creator of GTA) has not copyrighted their fonts, I suppose they had to since it is in their logo.

However, I suggest you do not include the logo with their fonts in the images you provide (especially if the images you make are for commercial use, which I would be double careful with).

Just make an image, and maybe make a different logo altogether, just to be sure.

I think it is safe you leave the GIG logo for your 3 images in your gig portfolio tough.


Sounds great! This is exactly what I’ll do then. I owe you one


The reasoning behind this, is that you do not make money from giving out their property.
It is only in your portfolio, which you had done as personal work for yourself.

The images you sell are without their fonts etc.

Also, perhaps instead of GTA V: San Andreas, you make it GIG V: Your Photo .
Something to think about.


Yes I can’t stress enough on how insightful and helpful your feedback has been. I’ll do exactly you suggested. Thank you kind sir.