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Difference b/w Fiverr High Rating & Recommended?

I have been continuously analysing my best selling gig. I am seeing it in High Rating list but I’ve not seen it in the Recommended list yet? Will I get orders when its in Recommended list or High Rating is ok? Please help!

I think Recommended list is more important than high rating.

It depends on the buyers how they are searching. I have the same issue. My gig stands in the second-third row of high rating section but not even on the first page of recommended one…regardless of it I keep on getting orders and inquiries…old buyers prefer high rating section than the recommended one.

So do you have any benefits of 2nd or 3rd row? Do you get orders daily? I assume recommended list is more important. How to enter in recommended list please?


I don’t see myself in search results even.

Not daily but may be two-three orders every second-third day. My orders also depends upon the value I charge. It is not the best value in terms of money but of course my work excels in quality. I get repeat buyers. For me even getting orders on second-third day works well because my orders generally values from $150 on wards. I personally think it would be amazing to be in the both lists because I see many sellers in both. If you closely inspect those seller might not even be having 100% rating, even sometimes close to 93% and only few orders. So an old buyer tend to chose from the high rating list. So enjoy your high ratings. You will get in recommended at some point because they keep on changing the names in the lists.

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Keep on doing good work, you will see yourself there.