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Difference between Clicks, Views and Impressions

Hi, i noticed that the numbers of clicks, views and impressions are different and i dont get it. I would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me.

also cause im new here im gonna leave the link of my gig if someone is interested or just wanna check it out and propose some ways to improve it
I would really appreciate it
Thank you.


I believe views are page loads of your gigs (Someone Looking at your gig page)
I believe clicks are clicks onto your gig in the search results (Clicking to view your video or open your page)
I believe Impressions are the times your gig has loaded on search results. ( Simply the amount of times your gig has shown up on a users search results)

So for example your gig might load 1000 times (Impressions)
Then 40 people might (click) to view your video and 10 might click to open your gig page
You will then earn 10 (Views) as they view your gig


Welcome to Fiverr! Yes, diamondleopard is correct regarding the views/clicks/impressions.

Your gig looks good - nice drawings! I’d consider adding a few more examples if you can. Or, consider a gig video - because gigs with videos tend to sell better. This could perhaps be a video of you talking to camera, or maybe even a nice time-lapse of a drawing being constructed? This would give you an opportunity to talk more about your gig and show more examples of previous work.

Your gig description is also quite short. I’d be tempted to make it a bit longer, provide some more details about what you do, your previous experience, exactly how you deliver the gig etc. Also watch out for typos in your description and order details, e.g. ‘choose’ not ‘chose’.


This may be helpful to you:

Yes, diamondleopard is right.

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Hi @manalkgomez,

I see that you have already received some really nice tips (on how to improve your profile/gig) in some of your earlier threads. For example, these are some EXCELLENT ways of displaying your skills to your potential customers on Fiverr:

Since your gig is about “drawing artsy portraits of pictures,” you should first create an artsy portrait of your current profile picture. This way, your clients can see your skills on display. You already received this tip from @mariasereti 2 days back. Have you started working on it? I hope you have.

The tips that people give are only going to be of help to you if you listen to them and implement them.

Although these two tips may seem very basic/fundamental, I see a lot of new sellers make this mistake. They just put together some gig within a couple of minutes or hours with only four or five sentences in the gig description and, somehow, expect to get sales on Fiverr. I am sorry, but this is not how it works.

  1. Your gig description only has 4 or 5 sentences. :flushed: You gig description needs to be a lot more descriptive than that. You need to describe your services and explain what you offer in greater detail so that buyers understand your services better. By doing that, your buyers will also realize that a considerable amount of effort has gone into creating your gig and that it doesn’t look like a gig that was put together in only a couple of minutes or hours. Doing this will help give a positive impression of your gig to prospective customers.

  2. I am also surprised that your gig doesn’t take advantage of the FAQ section. A detailed FAQ section makes for a strong and impressive gig. There are articles in the seller help center that explain the importance of the FAQ section.

I also suggest that you spend time reading helpful articles on the forum and the seller help center and implement whatever you’ve learned to improve your profile/gig. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or easier ways of improving yourself.

Please take these tips into consideration and make the appropriate changes to improve your gig/profile before asking for more tips and suggestions on the forum.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much for the information

Thank you. yes i wanted to put more examples thats why i asked in a post before if i could upload more than 3 pictures then when people answered that i cant i was thinking of making a video as you said and/or a pdf file with the rest of the examples.
thanks for your advice

Ah yes, sorry, I’d forgotten you can only upload three still pictures. I’d definitely suggest a video then - maybe a nice video slideshow showing more pictures? A PDF could work too but it’s less obvious and Fiverr displays your video more prominently.

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Thank you so much. Yes ofcourse all the advice i’ve gotten from my previous posts are really helpful, i just had some Uni work stuff to do during this week and i was just trying to collect all the information i could so i could apply it when im free. I actually just started with the profile picture minutes before reading your reply and i will try to come up with a better description tonight.
But to be honest the reason why my description is so short is because i figured buyers wouldnt like to have to read a whole essay, because i personally like when things are brief and summerized but well i’ll consider what you propose since you obviously know better.
Again thanks a lot for taking the time to help me.


Also thanks from bringing the FAQ section up. i forgot to ask about that. you’re right i totally skipped it because i honestly dont know how it works.
i thought those would be questions that customers ask and that i couldnt do anything about it until someone asks something.

Try to brainstorm a couple of questions that a prospective buyer who is visiting your profile might ask or wonder about your gig… such as things that are not mentioned or are only briefly mentioned in your gig description but can be expanded on in the FAQ section. Those are the questions that should go in your FAQ section.