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Difference Between 'Delivered' & 'Completed'

Hi Fiverrs!

I have a question about the difference between ‘delivered’ and ‘completed’.

I delivered 9 gigs today, and my buyer reviewed one (as positive) and so did I.

It was one big gig technically.

That one shows up in my ‘Manage Sales’ as completed and the $4 is added to my money earned.

The other 8 have not been reviewed, and that money has not (yet) been added.

Will I still receive this money? Or does it only go through when the buyer clicks on completed?

Does anyone know how this works?


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If you delivered other orders, they will be marked as completed in three days if your buyer don’t close them before.

Delivered means you have delivered your gig.

A delivered gig becomes completed once either the buyer has given you a rating or once 3 days (72 hours) have passed from the time when you delivered the gig.

Many thanks for all of your responses!

Crystal clear!