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Difference between ecommerce and woocommerce

the difference between woo-commerce & other eCommerce platforms woo-commerce is not complete eCommerce system this is only a supporting plugin in WordPress it’s gives you few of eCommerce feature’s in your website for running a eCommerce business you need to do lot’s of operations in woo-commerce that is not possible if you add lot’s of supporting plugin for the different kind of operations you will face slow loading issue in your website if you are planning for run eCommerce business long time you can take a look in opencart or any eCommerce website development firm like Nwebkart where you will get all eCommerce solution in single place and they makes easy to do eCommerce business everything for your eCommerce business you will get from a single eCommerce platform.


Thanks for sharing this.

Hi! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! We are running an e-commerce store and about a year ago were considering woo-commerce to move the site. But friends of ours suggested to migrate to Magento 2, as we were already using Magento 1. Magento 2 supports the latest technology and this means their platform runs much faster and much smoother using more efficient processes across the board. At the very beginning we’ve had faced some issues related our migration and decided to hire a professional Magento developers from Impulsis to help us figure them out. The’ve helped us do everything both in a safe and timely manner.