Difference between Gig with Video and the one without


Hello guys

Does gig with video has higher priority of selling than the one that has only picture.


Yes, Obviously it’s a big plus point to selling gig. buyer can judge you very easily and understand about you and your work.


Yes, I will recommend that include a video in your gig.


They do not result in more sales in my opinion regardless of where they are ranked.


It do not make any difference to the GIG sales as of my experience.


Yes!!It’s helpful …


Instead of animation videos or whiteboard animation, use your own video about your services.
It attracts more buyers.


I have them because Fiverr told me they help with the algorithm. I’m not sure whether that has happened or not, but they can be made or bought cheaply and serve a purpose.

Unless your gig is selling videos - then they are an absolute must.


As my observation very few sellers add videos in their gig, which is a great drawback. Fiverr algorithm dosen’t recommend to grow up in the top of list.


It used to be a big thing to have a video on your gig and it would have mattered. Don’t think it does matter that much anymore.


I like adding videos to gigs because some buyers like it, but it’s not mandatory. If you have a great gig picture, gig title, and gig description, you should be OK.


I’ve seen good selling gigs add videos that were excellent and soon remove them. It’s a distraction from the description and the BUY button.


It depends on your service, video quality and of course the type of buyer you’re targeting.
Adding a video to my gig gave me a boost. It didn’t last long, but I did get more hits than before.

As a buyer, I don’t buy writing gigs without a video anymore. There are few exceptions like when I see that seller writing in forum. I trust videos more than a description and by video I mean an actual video not a cheap whiteboard animation.

I’ve built probably 200+ websites and I can tell you that businesses that are using personalized videos on their site quite often make more sales than businesses without videos.


Yes Absolutely It is a great way to enhance your Fiverr profile.


Let’s look at the ways we can use video.

  1. Demonstrate the work you do- if you’re a painter, you can film yourself painting
  2. Show different examples of your work
  3. Make a gig commercial
  4. Hire someone else to make a gig commercial
  5. Explain things for people who don’t read the gig description

My only no-no is mentioning price in the video. Your prices might change.