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Difference between initical concepts and print files

Hi, I see some clients think that FE: 2 Initial Concepts is the same as 2 PRINT files.
Even when in the order says “one print file”.

I don’t think this is right.
The initial concepts are the number of proposals that include the gig but they should choose one.

Am I wrong?

I’m talking about T-shirt design.

I think the problem is that Fiverr makes the designer choose how many print files are included but that info is not showed to client until they make the order.
And if the gig include FE 3 concepts, clients think that they will have 3 PRINT files… but that isn’t true, I believe.


Maybe you need to explain the difference in your FAQ?

i wouldn’t know what each type meant if it weren’t explained for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes thank you. That is a solution.

But what I would like to know if what exactly means “concept” for Fiverr, cause is a word used in the interface and if I explain the difference in my description gig I can be doing things wrong…

FE if someone offers -talking about LOGOS-: 3 concepts, does designer has to send 3 logos in a format that client can use all or can be mock-ups and client is only allowed to use logo (one print or vector file chosen between the 3 concepts)?

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That sounds like something to ask Fiverr, so both you and Fiverr are talking about the same thing, so it’s clear for your buyers.

Good luck! :sunny:

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