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Difference between Level 1 and Level 2

At the moment I am a level 1 seller. What exactly do you get as a level 2 seller?

I checked out the Levels page and it says “advanced sales tools” and “priority support” - I’m guessing priority support means you get any tickets replied to quicker, but what are the advanced sales tools?

Also, do gigs from a level 2 seller get shown more prominently in searches than gigs from level 1 or new sellers?

Questions, questions! lol


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I think you get more gig extras and I’m not sure about if you are shown in searches more, I’m not level 2 or 1 but I have heard this from other sellers.


More “gig extra” option would be unlocked for you.

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Thanks OBG!

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How can I get on level 1 and then how to level 2

I have sell this gig *******************

Let me know how i became …

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You need 10 sales and to have been a member for at least 30 days while keeping a positive rating, to become a level one seller.

P.S. This thread is 2 years old…

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Let us clean the dust of old posts :smiley:

Her you can find everything about levels on fiverr…


I just became level 2 seller on Fiverr. Being level 2 means you can give extra gigs worth more amount. You will get better customer support too.