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Difference between order revenue and funds cleared?

can you guyz please explain what is difference between order revenue and funds cleared listings?

im having an problem my available withdraws showing $88 for almost last one week but when i counted my completed and cleared orders manually there is above $300+ completed and there are not in pending clearence timeline but they are fully completed but not showing in available balance option.

the 2nd thing i noticed in completed and 15 days passed orders listsing, there is two types of orders 1 is funds cleared and 2nd is order revenue. what is the actually difference in both of them?

Is there any MOD or admin from cs who can chedck my profile and earning panel it would be great to let me know if theres any bug or not.


Order revenue = Order price - 20% Fiverr fee

Funds cleared = the revenue that you can withdraw (after 14 days from order completion for L1 and L2 sellers; after 7 days from completion for TRS)

Customer Service agents don’t monitor the Forum, you should open a ticket if you need their help.


In addition to what @pacquo advised suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in detail.


Sir, but whats the Logic If few of 2 months old orders are also pointing both order revenue and funds cleared? whats this mean?
Is there any possibility if the order is completed and passed 14 days as well and buyer also did’nt Strike any pp dispute, is there any possibility to stop funds adding in withdraw availability?

At first you see listed only the revenue; later you see the same amount of money listed as cleared. After two months you see the amount listed twice (as “revenue” and as “funds cleared”).