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Difference between Out of Office and Pausing gig

I still don’t understand the difference. Please someone help me, because, for the first time, CS wasn’t much help at all. :frowning:

1 - I believe I read somewhere Out of Office can’t be enabled for more than 1 month, is that true? How about pausing the gig? Just out of curiosity…

2 - In either situation, do returning buyers see some kind of message saying we are away?

3 - CS insisted both old and new buyers couldn’t contact me while I was Out of Office, but that’s not true, because I received a message from a returning buyer while Out of Office. Do they at least get some kind of message while trying to contact us?

Thank you so much!

In the drop down menu, you can choose a much longer period, but I don’t know if it would work. I’ve never used Out of Office mode for more than three weeks.

It will remain paused until you unpause it.

There’s some kind of message (you can choose what it will be when you activate OoO mode) for Out of Office mode (though some buyers seem not to notice it). There’s none for paused gigs. On the other hand, you can change your profile description and write that you’re unavailable for work until further notice, or whatever you want it to say (and hope that people will bother to read it). Also, those who click on your gig will see that you’ll be back on July 22nd 2019.

Old buyers (who have contacted you via inbox in the past) can still contact you. Others simply don’t get the option to contact you; the contact button is gone.


Thank you!!! :blush: