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Difference between Text logo, Classic logo, Badge logo and Mascot


I want a logo. During the process, Fiverr asks me what kind of logo do I need under its drop-down menu ‘Types of logo’.

What are the differences between all of them ?


During what process? Do you mean when you do a search for a designer of logos? Just choose a seller and buy a gig from the seller. Or try clicking on each type of logo and see which sellers are shown.


Thanks Misscrystal,
Sorry for the confusion caused. Yes, while searching for sellers, I am asked which type of logo I want. Unless I know the difference between all of them, I won’t be able to decide.
Please help


My guess is as good as yours. Just look around at the different kinds of sellers and what they offer. Fiverr chose those terms but you need to sort of ignore them.


Man, just google image search each and then pick whichever closely approximates whatever you want here on Fiverr. It’s not rocket science. It’s just fussy categorization. You are quite capable of researching what you need and finding the right seller without having to resort to handholding on the forum–aren’t you?


At times fiverr can go overboard putting things into categories for no reason.


Text logo is a Typography
Classic logo can be anything including text and typography graphics
Badge logo is usually known as Retro logo in colors
Mascot is not a logo its an Imaginary entity created by Illustrators and Artist
in order to give your brand an Identity.

Mascots can be expensive it takes a lot of hardwork and imagination
and not in trend these days.


I can design flat logos and badges pretty much



Added to what hafsagfx said, text logo are also called signature logos here, classic logos are stylish vintage type of logos, badge logos are modern ‘hipster’ or ‘trendy’ type of logos while mascot is composed of a character. It can be an animal, person or anything.