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Difference between the source file and vector file

Today in the morning one USA buyer ask me, What is source file?
Can someone explain me in a clean way that what is the difference between the source file and vector file?

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Vector file is: SVG, EPS, and more…

Source file is PSD, AI, and more…


I am going to be honest with you and tell you that I am not a graphic designer, but I’ve had to learn about source files and vector files just to do digital work. Since you are selling logos and other related services, you should consider taking some courses in digital editing and graphic design because I am pretty sure source vs. vector is really important and should be part of basic knowledge for someone doing that kind of work.

To my layperson’s understanding, @insects44 gave you a good idea of some file types that people use because of the software that creates those files. A real designer should correct me if I’m wrong about the next part, but a vector file would be a file that can be sized from tiny to huge without losing any clarity. Software used is something like Adobe Illustrator but there are other vector programs including free ones if you can master them.

A source file could technically be anything from a low resolution .JPG if you were creating something in a simple online (poor) logo generator or it could be a high resolution file made in Adobe Photoshop and worked out by hand. Most buyers who would pay extra for a source file would want a file that shows your layers/steps/iterations during the design.

That is all based on very simple understanding from someone who doesn’t do that kind of work, but it should be second nature for a professional. An actual professional (not me) might be able to correct me or elaborate, but there is a more to learn that you would get from a forum.


Basically, they are the same thing.


As a graphics designer, I understand both are same. People use the words in their own way.
You are also a graphics designer. Looking for this answer here will not be a wise decision because this is really a basic thing. You raised this question means that you are not such an expert.

But I already told him and he give me a smile!
So basically I want to know how I told him a easy way that he will understand?

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Brother But I already told him and he give me a smile!
So basically I want to know how I told him a easy way that he will understand?

The source files are the files you developed at first. And you used them to make (export) your vector files.

So here are them both again:

Source files: Your files with the original program extention.

Vector files: The files which can be easilly displayed on the web at any size.