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Difference between upcoming payments and awaiting clearance



I would like to know the difference between upcoming payments and awaiting clearance… There are various topic regarding this but i could not find a suitable answer to my question :-S

Two days ago, I completed 7 orders for a buyer and he payed me $35 (converted to 28 from fiverr’s tax)… Today i completed another order for a different gig and i was payed a fiverr. $4 was almost immediately added under the awaiting clearance tab. I dont understand the difference here. I know that it takes time before i can withdraw the amount. I just want to know the exact difference between Upcoming payments and awaiting clearance… Did me or my buyer make a mistake ?

Please help!



Upcoming payments: Funds for orders that have not been delivered/completed yet. These are funds you are expected to receive once you deliver your work and the order is marked as complete.

Awaiting clearance: Funds from orders that have been delivered and completed. These are funds that will be “available for withdraw” as soon as the safety clearing period of 14-17 days is up.


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Thank you for replying so fast

I checked in the manage sales section about this.

My first 7 orders are marked as completed and are put under the tabs of Active and Delivered. It shows only one (which i did today) in the completed section. Will i still get the payments for the ones marked as delivered?


Hey guys i found the answer to my question in the customer support.

i quote:

If your delivered work is not rejected by the buyer, your order will get marked as ‘Completed’ after 3 days (or less if your buyer submitted a review for this order)'

my work was marked as delivered but the buyer did not give feedback! thats why it did not show me the money i made under awaiting clearance tab… it will show me all the money together after 3 days… although i am hoping for the buyer to reply :frowning: he gave me excellent feedback


Reply to @anzal1: Yes, you’ll get paid for it all! The ones that are marked as delivered, but not yet completed, require the buyer to mark it as complete. If they do not manually mark it as complete, it will automatically be marked as complete 3 days after delivery by the system. Then, they will go into awaiting clearance. :slight_smile:


So what happens when you do the job but someone doesn’t “complete” the gig? Are they asked to complete it at some point? I have three people that really never concluded the process even though I have delivered. Do they have to mark it complete, and if they don’t does that really mean that I don’t wind up getting paid for the work?


Reply to @kuzzmedia: If the buyer does not manually mark the order as complete after seeing your delivered work, the Fiverr system will automatically mark it as complete, 3 days after delivery. Then, your payment for that order will go into “awaiting clearance” for 14-17 days (depending on if the buyer marked the gig as complete or if it was automatically marked complete by the system), and once it’s cleared, it will be available for withdrawal. :slight_smile:

Does that make sense? Hope this helps!


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prohelper27 said: after seeing your delivered work,

let's say i delivered my work but the buyer doesn't see my work that i delivered will this still go into "awaiting clearance" ?


it goes into awaiting clearance after 3 days…


Reply to @mojojojoman: If they do not see that you delivered your work and mark it as complete, the system will automatically mark it as complete in 3 days.


How long does payment clearance take?


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How long does payment clearance take?


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Hi everyone,

I don’t fully understand,please help

Is this the process

  1. Buyer orders GIG
  2. Seller completes GIG within the timescale and then marks the GIG as complete
  3. Three days later the GIG is marked as complete
  4. Fourteen days after that the funds are available for the GIG .

    Can the buyer cancel after a GIG is marked as complete, and the Seller does not get paid?