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Different accounts

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to have a buyer account different from the seller account?
I know it’s not possibile to have two sellers accounts. I saw there are people with up to three accounts, so I was wondering.


You can buy and sell with the same account.

Having more than one account is not allowed, though I do know of some cases when a buyer has their own account for buying, plus has access (along with some other people) to their company buying account. However, what usually happens if Fiverr detects you having more than one account is that they permanently ban one or both of them (and making it from a different device would still be breaking the rules).

If you absolutely must have separate selling and buying accounts, contact Customer Support, explain your situation to them (for example, why you absolutely can’t buy and sell from the same account, even though there are plenty of people who do exactly that), and ask them for permission and guidance.


Thank you! I will ask for assistance to the Customer Support!