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Different buyer responded to offer

Hello Fiverr!

I’m a new seller here, glad to be on Fiverr.

Is it unusual to submit a customer offer to a Buyer Request, only to receive a cryptic message with hyperlinks moments later, from a completely different profile? This has happened twice, and has raised my suspicion. The profile for the Buyer Request seemed legitimate (had been online for a few years, several positive ratings of varying writing styles) however the respondent’s profile was brand new with nothing listed and no ratings. Seems suspect to me. Thoughts anyone?

Thanks much and nice to meet all of you!

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Suspicious to me too. Makes me wonder: “What scam is being cooked up with this?”

Are the hyperlinks legit Fiverr? Shortened URLs are against the ToS, so you can report those.

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Rule no 1 on any online platform is usually never to click on any link that you don’t trust. Mark it as spam and move on.

Agreed and yes, the link was off fiverr. I will report them.

Thank you for your quick replies!