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Different penalties for different disputes


I’ve been having a good experience on Fiverr so far and I have worked my way up to level two status.

One thing that bothers me is how I get punished for the absolute irresponsibility and lack of common sense from the customers. I have a gig that is exclusively for Android phones. The title says that. The description says that. Two of the requirements are typing “yes” as an answer to having an android phone. And I have stated that I can’t do it for iOS players but still I get numerous orders from people on iOS who claim they weren’t aware the gig is for Android only.

Why should I get punished for something that is 100% the customers’ fault?

There are different reasons for the dispute already so I would suggest having different penalties for them. If the reason is the sellers’ fault, they can get punished but if it’s the customers’ fault, there shouldn’t be any adverse effect. It’s a mutual agreement anyway so it can’t be abused.


We all have this problem, and that’s why Fiverr or does not expect us to have 100% order completion rate, but only 90%. There is room for the normal errors that are rise in business. I know it must be frustrating though.