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Different prices between seller and buyer?

Hi! I’m not sure where to write this.
Anyways, I have a client on fiverr and we’ve been working together for months now.
Untill now everything was okay. I would send him a costum offer he would accept it and we were both satisifed with the results.$278.

Thank you

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What is your question?

According to your title, you need something clarified, but your entire post is just about your good relationship with the buyer.

Or are you confused by the fact that Fiverr takes 20% from everything we earn (it’s explained in Fiverr’s Terms of Service)?


Hi! No, you got me wrong. On every gig I have, the price shows much bigger. So if I have a gig for $200, on his profile it’s displayed as $278. Also on my other gig the basic package is $75 and he sent me a photo of his desktop and it’s displayed as $104.4. He is from Canada but the prices don’t match in canadin dollars with his 278 displayed on the screen. I’m not sure if he orders by that price will I recieve $200 or $278, by that will that be a rip off for my client.

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An exchange rate can seem a little arbitrary when it’s set for the day on any site. I’ve just checked today’s exchange rate from USD to CAD - 0.754389 Canadian Dollars to US. It’s possible the way Fiverr does it is convert to Israeli money and then to CAD … or add an exchange fee. Who knows?

Basically, it’s not far out and probably has something to do with the way Fiverr sets exchange rates.

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Thank you for the respond! So if the client orders, he will be charged $200USD?

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Plus the processing fee.

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I find it easier to just work in USD, even though my currency is UK£. Saves confusion.

Your buyer will be charged what it says his end. Fiverr will take their fee, which will be added to the total amount.

Yes it can seem confusing … but the truth is that when two or more currencies are being used for the same fee, well, you just have to deal. Fiverr’s doing its best to service every seller and buyer in as many currencies as possible.

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I’d suggest that you tell your Buyer to change the currency so they can be certain about the price. They can do that easily by selecting USD in the currency selection tab at the bottom right of every page on the main site.


The easiest thing is to tell buyers like this that you set your prices in US dollars and have no control over exchange rates or prices they see in their local currency.

Today a buyer from Canada paying for a $200 (US) gig would pay $265. This changes in accordance with the currency markets and does not include Fiverr $2 service charges.

I have a New Zealand buyer who has accused me of using bait and switch pricing previously. He was of the opinion that if I charge $20 US to my US customers, he should pay $20 NZ. How some peoples minds work is just beyond me.

In either case, just point buyers to the days exchange rate and tell them that you are sorry, but the price they see is the price they pay if they want to work with you.

That is because you set the order in US dollars and then Fiverr adjusts the currency exchange for the person receiving it.

Thanks, the confusion was because before I’d sent him a costum offer and the price I said was the price he recived to pay and now that changed.