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Different Ranking system for different categories?


I’ve been talking and discussing a lot here and at CS about the ranking, which is showing not the best sellers in the top of Best Selling filter.

So I checked again today, and I realized that at LOGO DESIGN category it’s not more like this. It is actually showing the real best sellers in the top of best selling filter, which most of categories seems to still be messed up.

I believe that Logo Design is the most important category at fiverr, but does it really need to be specially “treated”?


Best seller section of “Video & Animation” category is also completely messed up. Sellers with 50 reviews are on the top whereas sellers with 5000 reviews are nowhere to be found. Not sure what kind of testing this is or what fiverr is trying to achieve. “Best seller” is now almost same as “Recommended”.

And yes, you’re right. Logo Design category looks good and not affected by this test or whatever this is.

As you mentioned in your previous post. Its not about orders/sales, its about the name of category. Why name it “Best Sellers” when gigs which show up aren’t best sellers.


I just contacted fiverr to know about this (why logo design category ranking is working with buyers performance, and others not?), then they directed my request to a open ticket, didn’t answer the question I did (answered only the previous open ticket question) and just disappeared.

if it keep this way, there will be no other choice beside give up on fiverr.


I have the same problem in “Vector tracing” category.
I was on 1st page for about year. All that time I worked hard and delivered all orders in time.
But things changed few weeks ago. Now on the top places I see people with less than 50 reviews.
Are they really “Best sellers”?
Now my gig located on 4th page (sometimes on 2nd). Also I see the same situation for those who was on 1st page before.
Very dissapointed with new search algorithm :disappointed: