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Different stats on mobile and website, which is true?


After 2 days, it’s first evaluation of Fiverr’s new Level system.
Today, I checked my stats both on mobile and desktop website at the same time, but sorry to say “Delivery on Time” on both are totally different. So, which one is true?

I think Fiverr should fix these issues first before launching the new system.

Check screenshots and check your stats both on app and web.

Let us know.



I came across with the same thing. what could be wrong?!


May be some bug on there system.


You need to contact customer support and ask them to reset tour dashboard so the correct stats appear.


Is this ok for you on both?


Yes but from time to time I noticed a wrong percentage and customer support had to perform a manual reset.

It happens from time to time.


Just posted a ticket, let see.


yeah, the percentages are kind of buggy.