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Different Types of Cancellation

When cancelled gigs count against us, there should be a way to differentiate between types of cancellation.

I’ve had two cancellations so far: one through CS because the buyer was unresponsive, and one mutual because the buyer accidentally placed her order twice. Surely neither of these reflects on my customer service or abilities – and yet they count against me like any other cancellation. I also could not have avoided these since sellers don’t get to refuse gigs.

Can we establish criteria for times when a cancellation is warranted as opposed to not?

It’s totally legitimate to flag flaky sellers who cancel for no reason, but I suspect many cancellations aren’t like that.

Reply to @kjblynx: My bad. I’m new here but saw an earlier post where someone couldn’t get to level one because of too many cancellations; that’s why I thought it mattered. Sorry if I had that wrong!

@luckygutsy It does not affect your rating, but I believe it influences your account moving up levels as per moving up level conditions to move up; "have a low cancellation rate"

Under analytics you can see your cancelation ratio, if it is more than 30% you might have to compensate with more sales before you move up.

Mutual cancellations affected levels, but not any more.

This was posted on Fiverr’s blog on june 2014:

“As of now mutual cancellations, initiated by sellers or buyers on Fiverr, will not be factored into your cancellation rating or have any affect on your Level status.”