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Difficult and strange buyers

The buyer asked for 1000 words research that I provided. He asked two times for revisions. That too I gave. Now he wants to cancel after receiving all the work, saying this is not what he is looking for. What should I do?


Hi, If buyer ask for cancel order, you can request him. But if massage has come from fiverr., you have nothing without cancel order.

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Its from the buyer when he has received all the work from me.

He is just trying to scam you.

Simply tell him that unfortunately his order is not eligible for cancellation as per fiver TOS as you delivered everything as promised and as per his requirements and you even worked on revisions.

However be prepared that if your buyer agrees to compete an order he might leave you bad review out of revenge.


Yes. I do think he is a scammer. I have reviewed his profile and there is not even a single review that the sellers might have given him on completing the orders. He must have been doing the same to other sellers as well, getting the work done and then cancelling the orders. I have declined his request to cancel twice already. How long am I going to have to keep doing that?

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Say to him I’m sorry it’s not what you are looking for but since the work has been done as agreed, you will not cancel the order and expect to be paid. Then notify customer support that you have an order where the buyer is trying to cancel to get free work from you and give the order number and tell them you do not want to cancel as it is a scam attempt.

Then you might get a bad review so if you really don’t want one then you can cancel it.

Since you do not want to cancel just keep refusing even if it takes six months of it. Think of it as a game you are going to win.


I have already contacted customer support. They say they can’t force the buyer to complete the order if he does not like the work and to try to settle the dispute with him.
That buyer did not even message me before placing the order and directly placed it.

That’s their standard reply and as @misscrystal said before you needed to contact them only to let them know that you did everything right and don’t want to cancel this order so they wouldn’t cancel it by accident if your buyer contacts them.


that’s very true .:expressionless:

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Go to resolution center @aryana_ramzal

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And do what? @qbo_xero_pro

Fiverr will solve the matter @aryana_ramzal

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@qbo_xero_pro please can you explain what I need to do there?

If buyer is giving you much trouble then you should go to the resolution center and they will investigate all chat that you were having after that they will provide a solution @aryana_ramzal

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The buyer seems to be enjoying this game more than me. He just keeps requesting cancellation. Looks like he is experienced doing this!

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same problem here :sleepy:

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Oh… what do you plan to do with this issue then? @mondolshoukhin

You do not need the resolution center if you have already contacted CS.


sorry, just try to reason out with the buyer