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Difficult buyer - how to deal?


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Reply to @emasonwrites: Maybe that’s why the buyer is requesting the psd file, so that I can’t prove that I owned the graphic before the buyer did?

The buyer doesn’t seem to be that witted either, cause I have a straight link to the buyer’s website (a whois search will tell the owner of the domain as well), business facebook account, personal facebook account etc. If the buyer gets a refund and still uses my graphics and re-sells my graphic on her website (like the buyer is doing with every other flyer she has ordered from Fiverr) I won’t hesitate to ask all my friends and family to drop a negative review on her Facebook Business Page. The buyers of “her” flyers have the right to know that the work is stolen and not paid for. If people knew, I wonder if they’d still purchase the flyers from her website.

So yes, like you said, there’s definitely an opportunity to cause some trouble for the buyer out in her business. I don’t get how people can cry over gig extras since the work here on Fiverr is sooo underpriced anyways. She knows she is going to re-sell my work on her website, she has more to lose than to gain by filing a dispute with her cc company. Why can’t she just see that It amazes me what people will do just to screw you over.

Initially, I wouldn’t even mind sending her the psd file for free had she not threatened with a refund request the first thing she did. People underestimat the power of being polite! I just hate threats and it feels like I am being treated like a doormat.

Yes, just like you said, I can send her the psd file but risk a negative review + a refund dispute anyways, and that way she will have the psd file too, which will further facilitate the redistribution of my graphic for her. There really is no way to know.

You also mentioned that the only recourse one has is to protect oneself, but how can we do this? It’s impossible to know before hand if a buyer is honest and sincere or if a buyer is just out there to scam you. This is something that you notice along the way, maybe even too late after the product has been delivered. And by that time it’s too late, cause you’ve already spent time and effort on the product.

I’m really disappointed and have decided to stop taking any gigs until the issue has been resolved. This may even have been my last gig here on Fiverr, after 702 orders created - See more at:


Hi Print_it - stand by your gig friend. I would not send any additional work for a client like this. Negative feedback can be smoothed over talking with customer support or just doing more great gigs for great buyers. Keep in mind if your buyer uses your work on another site you can still claim copyright and file a cease and desist notice to her and her web host. You can use this free service to find your artwork being used:

Cheers and I hope this helps. Marketman

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I have experienced this situation the first time he left me a negative review and I didnt accept his dispute for like 5,6 times.but I requested the CS to delete the negative review and then CS supported me and I was able to send custom buyer requests.
But in nearly when it was the second time he received the work and left me a negative review, CS was unable to help me, So now I cant send buyer requests and I’m completely out of orders :frowning: :frowning:


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