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Difficult buyer - 'watch a couple of my videos and make me something my fans will love'

Hi! Everyone! <3

I have a difficult customer.
This person wants me to make a shirt design only based on me watching some of his videos.

" I want you to have total creative control and make whatever you think my fans would like the most.
Please go on my youtube channel and watch a couple of videos to get a rough idea…
then make any sort of cartoon design on the front!"

I’ve asked for more info, like a catch fraze, slogan, motto or anything I can work with. Twice! But he insists I watch his videos.

If I cancel this order based on the fact that the buyer gave me nothing to work with what will happen?

Thank you for all your help!


@spelacvajnar when you get any order first you understand requirements then go, if ever one doing same thing I hope no cancel order its better for every seller


Ask Customer Support to cancel this one for you, on the basis that your buyer has provided you with insufficient information to complete the order. They sound like a nightmare, and you can almost guarantee whatever you create will not be ‘what they had in mind’.

In general, we’ve found that orders cancelled by CS don’t have a negative impact on your Order Completion score. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s more likely than a mutual cancellation.

Then block the buyer so they can’t order again. Hopefully they’ll take the hint and realise that order requirements are mandatory, not a ‘nice to have’.


Thank you! I have done just that and will wait for a response. :slight_smile: Hopefully, it will be in my favor.

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You could also just look briefly at his youtube channel to get an idea of the genre or look at the most viewed/highest rated of the videos, and then either you could create something that was common to the popular videos or ask him based on the videos if he’d like a particular thing related to them first.


Yes, cancel. These buyers are nothing but trouble. How entitled can someone be to expect you to do all of that work so they don’t have to? Remember: you’re getting paid to do the scope of the job. You’re not getting paid to be his personal assistant, watch videos and take notes. It also presents contractual issues if the buyer won’t put anything in writing.

It will affect your cancellation rating, but that’s the nature of the beast. Sometimes you have to do that and you shouldn’t work with a bad buyer just to avoid this kind of thing.


Sounds like buyer wants everything his way and is not willing to work in partnership. In such cases said mentioned above get customer support to cancel for you because if you continue down this path, it will just lead to more difficult situations and be a big waste of your time. For every buyer lost there’s 10 more new ones! Don’t fear losing just one buyer!

In a situation like this I would suggest you create a Custom Extra for $XX saying ‘I will make a design based on minimal information’. If it is a serious buyer they wouldn’t mind paying extra for your extra work.

You can clearly explain to the buyer saying some orders don’t fit within the criteria of the Gig Packages, which is why Fiverr has the Custom Offer feature. So because your buyer didn’t order through a Custom Offer, the only option for the buyer is to accept your Custom Extra.

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