Difficult Buyers


I just had an order, where the purchaser requested the gig to expedited to two days. So, I did that. After sending them the product, I received my first negative review, without the purchaser even asking for a revision.

I’ve already contacted Customer Service, hoping they can remove the bad review. Had over 100 orders, here on Fiverr, and this is my first true problem. So, I messaged them asking what the problem was and how could I resolve it. Well, I purposely drove a few miles down the road, to setup for this video testimonial, to please the purchaser, to go out of my way. Well, I received this message back: I’m sorry I just can’t do business with you so keep the money just no more messages that was the worst.

Have you ever had such a problem with a purchaser? What should I do, to prevent future orders from going like this?


Oh, dang. I fixed the title haha :slight_smile: