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Difficult (First!) Customer

Yesterday I got my first order (hooray!).
I used all the info the customer provided and completed their order within 2 hours instead of 2 days - I tried to be as amenable as possible for my lovely first customer!

The following morning, they have requested a revision (3 free revisions with their order so that’s allowed) but they also said “are you sure you have a Masters in English?” :unamused: , as if their asking would change reality. My first customer turned out to be rather rude and unfriendly. They even told me I made multiple spelling mistakes, which I am still yet to find after scouring the work!

They complained that I copied a lot of their writing - I based my work on their tone of voice so as to avoid incontinuity - it’s a bit silly when you don’t sound like yourself! The package they purchase was for review and edit of their work, NOT creation of their work. After offering them the opportunity to upgrade, they cancelled their order (keeping all my hard work!). I agreed to the cancellation because it’s not worth it for the bad first review.

So basically, my first gig went from bad to worse. I don’t really know where to go from here… Does this happen often?


Hi @pretts, Don’t woory! Keep patients and try to make another one.


It does not matter that the biggest thing is that you develop your skills, there will be some visas that will show you problems even if you do not have problems. You stay in the marketplace. Earn skill, there is no reason to worry

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Thanks @smfrajobs and @rbraihan! I’ve made some modifications to my gigs to avoid confusion like this in the future!

Still a bit taken aback about their brazen accusation that I lied about my Masters degree - and that I can’t spell!

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There unfortunately are people who can’t even assess the work they get delivered and just try bullying sellers into cancelling the order, to get to keep the work and get their money back.
Stay calm, ask them to show you some of the perceived spelling mistakes.

Does it happen often? More often to new people who are more worried about bad ratings than sellers who are here long enough to be able to absorb the one or other bad rating. Sometimes, and depending on your category, I guess; where there are many resellers, it tends to happen more often, I’d say, and it tends to happen less often, once you start asking prices that actually reflect the quality of your work.

Wish you better luck with your next buyer, don’t give up too early, there are great clients and great projects here too, promise! :four_leaf_clover:


Is it possible the spelling mistakes are regional? The USA has different spellings for hundreds of words.
Colour and color
Organization and organisation
Licence and license

Etc etc.

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I think offering 3 FREE revisions is a bit much. I would cut that back to perhaps one if you feel a need to be open to this option.

And, yes, in all my years here, I have seen many writers or editors get clients who will order work that is performed just fine, but then find wild reasons to “hate it” and then bully for a refund. They typically play on the fear of new sellers much like you, who are afraid of a negative rating as their first rating. You may want to Google some sentences or paragraphs in that thing you edited to see if they did actually use it on their website if that is what it was for. Lots of article writers here will get these types of clients who are nefarious and get free articles after complaining, only to use them anyways - it was all a ruse to get something for nothing. With the thousands of sellers here, many just find the next unsuspecting new seller and repeat the process. Typically the seller is the one canceling the order so, there isn’t any red flags that the buyer is a problem.

Even though you avoided the negative feedback, this person has already caused you a problem: by canceling the order, now your order completion rate as well as cancellation rate is in the red on your analytics which, unless you can get a ton of orders before the middle of November, will hold you back from gaining a Level 1 badge. So, you were going to be screwed one way or another - if you canceled or if you took a negative rating, as the ratings are also part of the analytics when it comes to leveling up on the 15th of every month.

Sorry that was your first experience here, hopefully it will get better for you. :slight_smile:



Don’t be upset. Keep patients and try to make another one. Continue with new gig. You will be success…

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From the next time never deliver a text file, take a screenshot of text and send that before final delivery and ask them to check for any issue. Deliver the final file only when they are ready to accept the delivery.

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They are learning english on internet. I deal with these kind of people who think if they read and watch abut 10 things on the internet they know what they are talking about. But in realty they don’t they just have high confidence in their ability.

It just tell you all what kind of person you were dealing with.

In my openion you did the right things

I did not get paid for my first order. So i don’t know but it does happened as some people do pray on new seller as they know our limitations

Just move on and wish you luck.

I dont think so, as they did not show the mistakes,
If they have shown the mistakes buyer will know and point that out. But they did not. I think they did it intentionally.

Something very similar happened to me as well. In fact, it sounds a lot like the same buyer I had!

Don’t let this dishearten you and add the watermark to your work.

They were South African and I’m British, but I informed them that I was using standard American English for the work (on multiple occasions), and even ran 2 spellchecks (on AmE)!

Thanks GG - you’ve given me a lot to consider!
It was some LinkedIn profile review/optimization work. I was effectively reformatting what they’d given me with a few additional bits - very hard to check how the work will be used.

That’s really important about the analytics - I hadn’t even thought of that! At least if I hadn’t cancelled then I might’ve got paid…!

In future I might be a bit more confident in asking for a customer to point out what they don’t like, rather than just the fact they are unhappy!

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keep patients and daily boots your fiverr gig in your social media marketing and other website

Chin up

Buyers like that are rare.