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Difficult for new sellers

Hello everyone, before I go on I will say that this is NOT a critique or me whining. I just want to say that it is very difficult for new sellers to find buyers. Many categories already have established people that are the “pros” for that section (e.g Editing videos, voice overs, etc.) When buyer requests come out they are immediatly given over 10+ offers and the person that requests something is just going to go with someone that has good reviews or has alot of experience. I also found out that once you hit buyer level 1 you get over 500+ buyer requests which is quite cool, but you have to get there first, meaning you have to complete a certain amount of orders (10) and earn quite a bit of money (400$). Don’t get me wrong, this is a cool tool to use but what are we supposed to do when we recieve no orders for days weeks and for me months on end?
Thank you for reading I hope for some responses.

  • Alex

You wait. Do some advertising if you feel like it but mostly just wait. That’s what I did.


If one gig isn’t selling for a long time (eg. months) you could try another gig (and/or see if you can try other things with the existing gig, such as an alternative style/music/different font in it or something), as well as sending offers to BR. Maybe adjust the title - eg. your description says you will edit drone videos but your title says “I will edit your videos and drone videos professionally”.

But the main thing I’d try is additional gigs.


I hear you. I am facing the same. Since two days the Buyer’s Requests have stopped coming in even :sob:

Hope buyers like your gig and start ordering soon as well as for all the new and struggling sellers around.


That’s not true. I’m a level 2 seller and sometimes I see only 10 buyer requests showing. And to be honest I’m also not using them.

To diversify.
You see the thing: most sellers are successful they found their own formula. And I wish someone would tell me that years ago when I was just starting.

DO NOT LOOK FOR A SPECIFIC PILL. There is no proper guidance that you are looking for like go to x website, advertise your gigs on y platform etc etc. I know right now you are waiting for us to give you exact instructions what to do but the truth is it all depends on you and your path.

YOU have to experiment with what works for you, it doesn’t have to fiverr, it might be other places and even different services that you have to offer, you need to find your style and your niche that will be bringing you orders and no one right now can tell you what exact steps you need to take. You will have to experiment yourself.


" I’m a hobby video editor" " I would love making some money off my hobbies"

Suggest you remove all references to the word “hobby” from your profile and gig description as that will put many buyers off.

Check out: Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find all the tips you need to get your first order in the above.


Firstly it depends on which category you are, secondly yes on the majority of cases you will get 500+ buyer request.
Don’t care about the level badge. Social proof (How many orders you have) is very important than the badge.
Success on fiverr isn’t doing tactics of others, you should have your own philosophy. You can get orders by Trial error (A/B testing.)

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Thank you for responding, very appreciated!

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Thank you. I will proceed to do that. Hope you have a great day!


I got the information from someone that replied on my other forum post, but could it be that you are not using them since you already have many orders coming in (dont take it the wrong way) But thank you for the detailed response!

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Thank you! Very kind of you, good luck to you too!


Thank you. I will proceed to do that!


Thank you, I will try to do some advertising!

Checked out your profile and seen you’ve been on the platform for over a year now.

Have you been a buyer or did you join as a seller?

Regardless, it helps to do competitor research to understand what you can do to improve your gigs.

I’ve found that doing some serious under offering when applying to buyer requests may tempt some buyers to accept your offers and get you a few 5 star reviews, which gives you credibility.

I’d also advise that you don’t just have one gig, but see what you can do in other categories, as you get buyer requests for every category you have a gig in. Of course, don’t create any duplicate gigs, but perhaps make more specific gigs like I’ll edit your YouTube videos, or I’ll provide great drone b-roll content etc. This can help you get exposure in other categories as well.


Awesome, thank you for your detailed response I very much appreciate it! I joined as a seller and have never received an order yet. I used to have numerous gigs but the one I currently have is the most “popular”. I barely receive messages and most don’t reply/come back to me at all. I appreciate all of your feedback but you got to understand that it is hard for me. Thank you - Alex

You’re welcome!

What made you determine that this was the most “popular” gig?

Do you mean messages from Buyer requests or organic messages from buyers?

If you don’t mind would you give me an example of how you’d respond to a buyer? Perhaps the manner you’re responding to buyers or how long you take to respond could be turning buyers away.