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Difficulty contacting sellers

To Fiverr, I scanned through the sellers and found a seller I liked . took down his “name”. Now want to get back to him and he can’t be found. No human available for assistance with Fiverr yet you promote Fiverr with all your staff in the photo. This is the most frustrating site I have ever had to work with to achieve anything. And if you are scrolling down looking at gigs, next thing you are locked into one then to get out of it, the whole site closes down and I have open Fiverr up again.

You need to employ one of the web designer contractors to fix the function of the Wix site.

That was a slip of the “tongue” at the end of my last comment above. I didn’t mean Wix site (it’s an excellent one to navigate and work with) I meant fix the Fiverr site.

Its not very hard to find that seller again if you have username of the seller. Simply type website url and username of the seller.

There are humans who can help you. Simply go to Customer Support and start a new ticket. They will help you out :slight_smile:

If you took his name, why not just write and see if you can find him that way?

If you closed the page by mistake and are on a Firefox browser, go to History, Recently Closed Tabs.

In the future, add people you like as “favorites” on Fiverr. Or you can do Apple/Control-D and bookmark a page you like.