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Difficulty messaging sellers


I cant seem to message sellers to ask questions about their services. It’s telling me my message is too short. I then increased the message to the limit (2500 characters). Same problem.

I had to use the custom order request to bypass this bug, but there is a seller I am trying to reach who doesn’t have custom orders activated, and I don’t want to buy a $55 gig just to be able to ask a question about additional services.

I haven’t been on the forums in several months, and I am not sure if someone else has posted about this same problem.

Please advise.


Please try clearing your browser…cookies and cache or try a different browser.
If it doesn’t resolve the issue you might want to open a ticket with customer support.
Others have reported issues yesterday as well. Good luck :slight_smile:


Change browser and clear history if still it persists thn it might b a technical problem with fiver


Thanks so much. I will try that and contact CS if it doesn’t change.