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Digital artist i want help <3

so hey guys i never did commission before so i want to ask you something
if by some miracle i got an order xD
when i do the commission work i save the work as PNG then send the picture to the client?

i know a lot of people will find it a dumb question but i really have no idea what to do <3

It depends on you, how you set up your gig and your client needs and what kind of art.

Png is a file without a background.
Jpg will work in most cases.
Some clients might ask for a source file or a vector file

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Thank you so much that’s so helpful <3

If you do Line art,vectors,webcomics or having text in your images PNG is a good choice .
PNG is a lossless compression file format while Jpeg is lossy compressed file format.For most part Jpeg works fine like photographs.
By no means PNG is a file without background ,It supports alpha channel.Because of that it can store transparent pixels.