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Digital Footprint


Isn’t it spooky and paranoia-inducing that whatever your do in the internet leaves a “digital footprint?” It’s called the world wide web for a reason…Once data is in there, it’s hard to remove completely.


I’ve been using computers since before there was a world wide web, so when I first acquired internet access I learned a bit about how it worked. I always knew that everything I did would leave a digital footprint so it wasn’t mysterious or spooky. You can’t remove anything online completely. It’s part of what you should know if you use the internet. You do your best not to put something online that you would worry about later. No paranoia, though.


That’s why I call myself FastCopywriter instead of my real name. If you use your real name, people can google it and find what you’re up to.

On Facebook, check your privacy settings, but keep in mind that if you use a hashtag, the stuff you post is public.

I recommend pseudonyms whenever possible, specially for Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you’re a Facebook, create Facebook Pages for self-promotion, hobbies, etc, then comment as a page instead of as an individual.

If you have a Chrome browser, go to File and New Incognito Window if you google stuff without getting cookies, being tracked, etc.

Privacy isn’t dead, it just requires a little creativity.


This is very informative, thanks for the tip!