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Digital Footprints: Watch What You Say Online


As sellers, sometimes we get frustrated and allow our emotions to get the best of us. We’re only humans. But you should understand that your online actions leave digital footprints that everyone can see.

When you rant about a past or current customer on the forum, there’s a chance they will read it and if they do, I assure you it’ll leave a bad taste in their mouth and effect your chances of receiving repeat business.

Not only that, but when you argue and/or bicker back and fourth online, it doesn’t look good to potential customers. Personally, I have read a few thread comments that turned me off from ordering gigs from certain sellers. My thought is, how you act when you think buyers aren’t looking, is how you truly are, and frankly I rather not deal with such behavior.

The same thing goes for negative feedback. Avoiding them may not be 100% possible, but its all about how you respond to them. If someone leaves you something negative, returning insults will not make you look any better to potential customers reading them.

I created this thread because a few months ago I ranted about a buyer in the forum, and the buyer actually told me he read it. That particular buyer and I no longer do business together (not because of the comment), but it taught me something valuable…Always watch what you say, because it can bite you in the end. Just something to think about. :wink:



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Reply to @vedmak: Make sense.