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Digital India - How India is changing


I have always hated this time of the year because this is when we are supposed to pay property taxes. I have always set aside a whole day to pay off my property taxes for filling up the form, visiting government offices, standing in the queue for hours. Now, this year onwards, the whole thing has become computerized. I paid property tax on all of my properties in just 5 minutes online at the government site with my card…ridiculously easy. All the details were available on the internet, and paying the taxes only took 2-3 clicks for each property. Amazing! Very happy, things are really changing!


Yes and it will increase soon day by day.


I would love it if we could vote online in elections as well, that would be terrific! (Maybe not in national or state elections, but at least in local body elections. Most people don’t vote in those elections as they are too lazy to go to polling booths. Why not link an email address to Aadhar card and use that for entering log in details for voting. Just an idea )


Even driving license process is being straight forward.