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Digital Marketing category changes


From 31st of January, the Online Marketing category will be changing to add new features, such as packages, restructuring some sub categories and adding new ones as well as changing name to “Digital Marketing” to better reflect the services being offered there.

See announcement here:

Please share your feedback, suggestions or concerns here in this thread.


Awesome! Great to see packages are expanding into other key areas!!

Marty Koenig


This is perfect changes. I think it will help more both buyer and sellers of searching gigs.


This is really good article. thanks for greatful info.


As long as I can keep my gig extras and not turn them into packages, I’m happy.


Really looking forward to using this feature!


Awesome idea… I am happy


Awesome, look forward to seeing how effective it will be as this is where almost all my gigs are on Fiverr.


I wrote about this late last year. Good development.


I’m looking forward to this new category change. Thanks Fiverr!


Really good idea, a good category to include would be software.


It is a new Idea to Get more Sale


Packages are the future! I feel they well reshape Fiverr !


It’s a new idea. Hope, It will help us to get more sales and exposure


That’s good


Very good!!! Thank you Dear Fiverr! Waiting 31…!!!


Great … The change would have been awesome if it was implemented on 31 Dec.

New Year, New Design, New Change :slight_smile:

Hoping to see something positive :slight_smile:


Thanks, (y)


it will be better to find best service.


Awesome idea… thanks a lot…