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Digital Marketing Category Update


Fiverr is a dynamic marketplace that grows and adapts as the needs and skill sets of our buyers and sellers evolve. We constantly reevaluate our platform to better suit our users’ changing requirements. As part of this ongoing goal, and the rate at which digital marketing in particular is progressing, we’re making some big changes to our digital marketing service types and pricing, starting today.

Within Fiverr’s Digital Marketing category, we’re developing a a host of services that better align with the diverse needs of today’s entrepreneurs. We broke down each of the subcategories within Digital Marketing into smaller “sub” subcategories that will allow sellers to better define and structure the services that they offer. What does this mean for you? Well, it’s big. This change will create a more straight-forward buying experience, reducing confusion, and increasing satisfaction among our buyers, and you know what that means? Better ratings, better sales, and better interactions within our community. That’s what we call a win-win-win!

This is where we need your help. In order for this to work, sellers must update any existing Gigs to more accurately reflect the specific service that they provide. This will be an opportunity for sellers like you to create more Gigs and serve the market in a more systematic fashion. So the more thoroughly (and quickly) you can do this, the better!

So here’s how it works. Here’s an an example of an optimized Gig, using the new guidelines.

Most of the categories in Digital Marketing will be affected. There will be new pricing attributes and we are launching a new subcategory: ECommerce Marketing. The categories affected by these changes are listed below. If you have Gigs in any of these categories, please click through to see the changes to the sub categories:

Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Video Marketing (Please note the name change)
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Mobile Advertising
[Search & Display Marketing] ( (previously SEM)

These are big changes that require a little more work up-front, but are going to give sellers like you better opportunities to establish yourself niche subcategories that are a better fit for your entrepreneurial needs- thus establishing new clients, more orders and a more steady business!

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That’s really knowledgeable article to follow, i am really grateful to the writer, Fiverr as well.


I think the Web Programming section should be as well subcategorized in more specifics subcategories to help buyers and sellers.


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Thank u very much, very helpful but I afraid because my gig is denied by fiverr when I wanted to edit anything , please give me a solution. Thank you, Regards max service.


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But my gig is running an order.If I changed my gig Is it hamper?


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