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Digital Marketing Tips for high Traffic!

Do you want more orders?

I have the solution that needs to happen it’s called keyword research, to rank your gig.

Without this technique applied to your gigs, they will not be found.

Find the high traffic but low ranking keywords for your gig, tag them in your profile and description!

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@chrisbutch How you will check the keyword traffic? there is no way to know that how many traffic a keyword have in Fiverr

Those tool shows Google Search Traffic. Not Fiverr Such Traffic :slight_smile:

You want google traffic search my friend!

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oh, sorry I was have 1 misunderstanding

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It’s okay my friend im just passing this information to help anyone who wants more traffic I use this software and it works I make money on Fiverr and I can prove my earnings.

If your stuck this is what u need to get unstuck!

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