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Dilemma RE: Buyer Requests


Hello all,
I’m a new seller (illustration) and have had no sales so far despite optimising my gig based on tips, so I’ve been looking to buyer requests in the hope of getting my first break there.
My dilemma with responding to buyer requests is that they come and go so fast, I don’t know whether to just do a quick response so I’m in there first and don’t risk missing the chance altogether, or whether to write a more detailed and personal response? Does anyone have thoughts on this? Is it better to be quick, or personal, in your experience?
Thank you


I would say “personal” on balance. You should tailor your offer to the buyer’s needs as described in their request.

Buyers get a whole lot of cut and paste offers, many of which have nothing to do with what they’ve asked for, so they ignore them.

Show you’ll do good work by approaching them as individuals first.


Thank you! It’s useful to know that there’s a lot of cut and paste offers. It makes the competition seem more manageable if you focus on being personal. :sunny:


I agree. Make the offer specific to the buyer request. If you’re unlevelled, where they go faster than normal, type fast if possible and don’t make it so detailed that it’s many lines of text, ie. don’t make it so many lines of text/so detailed that the request would likely have gone by the time the offer is sent.


Here’s another suggestion:

Once you spot a buyer request, DO NOT refresh the page. If you don’t refresh the page, the buyer request (that you’ve spotted) will not disappear from view. Buyer requests only disappear if you refresh the page once you have spotted them.

This way, you will have all the time in the world to draft a personal response to the buyer request in view. Even then, it helps to draft a personal response ASAP — before the buyer chooses someone from the offers they have already received.

Good luck! :snowflake:


I thought when I was unlevelled and typing a detailed offer that it gave some error/message at least once as though the request wasn’t there any more after I’d pressed “submit” (eg. if the limit of approx. 10 unlevelled sellers had submitted an offer by the time I pressed submit). Maybe I’m wrong but I thought that was what happened.


Maybe it was different back then. I don’t know. :slight_smile:

However, when I was unlevelled, there was this one time when I got distracted with something else while drafting a response to a BR and only got back to submitting my response 1 hour later. The offer still went through, and the buyer even ended up contacting me. :smiley: