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I need some pieces of advice guys if anyone could.
My rating has gone down to 64% due to some unavoidable problems. I don’t know what I should do now, either to continue working with the same profile or I should delete this one and turn over a new leaf.

Multiple “failed to deliver on time” reviews is not a good thing. This is hardly unavoidable as well. Your most popular gig says that you will complete and deliver within 24 hours – this is also your completion time for that gig. If you can’t deliver within 24 hours, then extend your delivery time.

Which do you want more: bad reviews because you clearly cannot deliver within 24 hours, or more time so that you can deliver on time and not receive these kinds of reviews?

Your gig is your business. Treat it as such, or you’ll be forever stuck with a really bad rating. And please keep in mind, even if you delete a gig with bad reviews, the reviews themselves are not deleted. Instead of complaining about bad reviews, and problems YOU can fix, work to improve your reputation here on Fiverr. YOU have the ability to be a success. Work hard, be professional… and most definitely deliver when you say you’ll deliver.

This is not a dilemma. This is common sense.

Thank you so much for your words. Actually, I could come online last month due to some problems related to family and I forgot to turn on vacation mode. That’s I couldn’t reply any buyer nor I could complete any order. Both of those orders were already cancelled before I could see them.
Delivering within 24 hour isn’t an issue actually. The main problem now is how to create trust in minds of buyers to buy my gig. Obviously, no matter what I do, it seems quite difficult to regain the trust. Isn’t it?