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Ding Dong Ditch... oh, it's one of those guys

Ah yes. The classic prank where a kid (or immature adult aka ■■■■■■■) runs up to your door, rings your bell and then runs away. Disrespectful and annoying but not exactly damaging. That is until you apply that same prank to Fiverr.

I’m talking about when a fake customer runs up on your account, makes an order with no intention to pay for the gig, continuously changes the goal post trying to frustrate you into having the order cancelled. This way they get away with the goods and don’t have to pay. Like one Valriefilion. Watch out for these low life scum.

They seem nice at first. They get their little handful of good reviews on their page to create a veneer of legitimacy. But really it’s just a cover for the unscrupulous activity of running up the bill without intention to pay for the gig.

You perform the gig to the LETTER. They say they like it but request a revision. Okay, no problem. You get one of those free with the gig. But then they get vague and don’t know exactly what they want you to change, making it impossible to move the gig into the next phase. In fact, her exact words in regards to what she wants is “I have no idea.” So why did you hit the revision button if you don’t even know what you want? Trying to run me in circles. Basically wasting my time and costing me money.

The whole goal of this type of character to get you to want to cancel the order so they keep the goods without paying. I don’t know what the reasons are. Is this their lowlife way of outsourcing so they don’t have to pay or do the work themselves? Is that avatar even their picture? Who knows. All I know is this is a lowlife scum bag who needs to get booted out of here.


That’s annoying !
I had a similar buyer a year ago I guess, and did the same !

She kept asking me to revise the delivery and I patiently did, after almost 4-5 revision she had no idea what to change and she hit revision button, stated I don’t like it !

I said I’ll modify it the way you want tell me and she never replied ! I waited almost 4-5 days and kept sharing a message regularly !

Later I delivered same work again and order was autocompletes , I thought she may have compromised and I moved on !

Suddenly after almost 8 days she initiated charged back with her back and money was deducted from my account ! But didn’t leave it there and reached out to CS with all proof and delivery zip and fortunately they bought all my money back :smiley:

I never cancel order if I am right, I would rather keep that open in revision forever so they don’t do it with other sellers !


I’ll do that next time. Thanks!