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Ding Dong the Ad Glitch is Dead! - I Hope

I may be wrong. However, I think Fiverr has stopped advertising other people’s gigs on our gig pages.

I have had a few orders over the past few days on gigs that do not usually sell. One of these was came in at $60 for 5-articles. This is way below by normal pricing. In this case, I just went to the gig to check my pricing is correct. - It wasn’t, I’d forgotten to update it.

While doing this, I realized that I can no longer see ads for other sellers gigs on my gig pages. Instead, I see ads for my gigs!

This is an update I like. (If it is real.) I may even start adding Fiverr links to my new Medium blog. Before I do, though. is this really real? Did Fiverr finally come to its senses?


Unfortunately, the ads are still on my gigs. But perhaps this will be rolled out to all sellers. It makes sense to not have other sellers advertised on our gigs as it confuses people and scares them away.


Darn it! I had a feeling it might be too good to be true. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I still see the ads, too!

Negative here, too. I bought a couple gigs this week and all had the usual ads for other sellers’ gigs.
But let’s hope you’re a beta guinea and they’ll revert it back to that again, it was like that (More Services by …) before already, after all.

Tried examining your gigs in private browsing mode, @cyaxrex ? Thought for a moment the ads on mine had gone too …only to be disappointed in incognito mode … :frowning:


No, I didn’t try that. However, I didn’t have to do that before.

Alas, it seems like Fiverr is yet to start firing on all neurons. Possibly, they are even just starting to hide ads from logged in sellers so we don’t complain. :thinking:


Yes. I can’t see the ads in any of my Gigs while logged, but I can see them in incognito. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I can often tell that when people contact me they start out interested, realize my prices are higher than the ads for similar gigs they see right on my gig page, and are gone, to get the same service cheaper elsewhere.

I have also been about to buy a gig, then noticed those ads, and got lured away and side tracked from the original gig I was about to buy and feeling confused, ended up not buying anything.
I thought I had my mind all made up to buy something, but decided to just have a look at the other gigs, then forgot all about it entirely.


I was excited to not see the ads and to see my gigs advertised at the bottom, but when incognito, I see the same thing @maitasun sees. :frowning_face:


It’s so annoying when things don’t open in a new window. Who remembers to go back?!


You can get caught in an endless cycle of just looking and finally go away without buying.


Yeah Fiverr would fail usability testing big time.


I think it’s just an error of caching page user.

Good point. Why don’t they at least have it open in a new window? That would make sense, so they can go back to the gig that originally caught their eye.