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Direct Deposit application review time (United States)

Hello colleagues and fellow Fiverr sellers!

I did a search on the forums but didn’t find an answer to it, so I figured I would post to you lovely folks that are always so helpful in the community forums.

First of all, a month ago I originally submitted my direct deposit application. After 3-4 weeks of waiting I still wasn’t able to use direct deposit. I contacted support and they suggested deleting my original direct deposit application and then submitting a new one 24 hours later.

Here we are 24 hours later and I have submitted a new application. It says it’s currently being reviews and I can use the feature as soon as the application goes through.

My main question: How long is the direct deposit review process?

(second, unrelated question: I ordered my Fiverr revenue card on April 5th and it’s still not here, is that normal? I don’t need direct deposit if I have my card)

Thank you so much in advance!

Sorry for bumping my own thread. I’m going crazy trying to figure this out and customer service has ignored one ticket i’ve opened and closed the other ticket without providing an answer.

5th week waiting on either the revenue card or direct deposit approval.

Same issue here, have you solved it?