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Direct Deposit Bug

Hi all,
I have been contacting Fiverr customer support and Payoneer customer support for two months now. Fiverr says its Payoneer’s issue and Payoneer says its fiverr’s issue.

The issue is that I can’t withdraw my funds using the Direct Deposit method. Whenever I click on it, it start the registration process from scratch and takes me to Payoneer page to register again then says my account is under review on fiverr. When I contact fiverr they say the account is approved but it seems there is a bug in the withdraw function.

Having $5400 in my fiverr account now and I can’t withdraw any! I talked to 5 customer support agents from fiverr and 4 from payoneer and each time they say the same thing and im stuck in the middle.

Just want to check if anyone else have the same issue? Or maybe you have any suggestions?

I have been working on fiverr since 2015 and been using Direct deposit for more than 2 years now. I stopped when the Payoneer cards issue happened early this year but now it seems like I can’t withdraw my funds!


It is a good thing that your fund is still on your fiverr account.
Payoneer card issue has been solved, I was even issued a new card.
At the moment I am still using PO card, no problem.
During the PO card scandal, I switched to paypal since direct deposit doesn’t work with my bank.
So if direct deposit doesn’t work, try using the card. Or paypal.

Thanks for replying.
What do you mean by “Try using the card” which card/withdrawal method are you referring to?

I mean the payoneer card.
I stopped using it for 1 month but PO fixed that problem just in 2 weeks so everything is back to normal.

That was my problem, my direct deposit does not work so I can’t use the payoneer card since I can’t withdraw the money to my payoneer.