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Direct deposit feature directs to change password link



I see that the direct deposit feature of the fiverr is redirected to the change password link everytime. Can you explain how can I add my bank details or things related to the same for the direct deposit? It seems like a bug to me.




Can you share screenshot ??

Because I use Bank Transfer but isn’t required to change password or something like that?

Thank you!


Yes. 1st image is when I open for direct deposit and second is when I click to get start with adding direct deposit procedure. You can see in the URL that the second page is redirected one which eventually opens for password change and security question details. Is that intentional or is this a bug?


Here is second image.


It makes sense to change your password when you change your payment method.
It seems like a good security feature. I am just guessing.

I had been wondering if we could have both options on our account so we can choose which way to withdraw funds each time we do it but probably not.


I’ve done the same a while ago )resetting my password), but it didn’t help. It appears you need to fill in your security question


This isn’t required! You don’t need to change password!
To make this you need to have Payooner, if you have it you can login on it and your account will be linked! And also you receive confirmation link in your email when you click on Bank Transfer or PayPal!

Thank you!